Government Relations

GBTA’s Government Relations program brings the collective voice of business travel to Washington. Part of that collective voice happens at the state and local level which is where the GBTA New England Chapter Government Relations program and our members get involved.


One of the primary benefits of GBTA and the New England Chapter membership is an effective Government Relations program. In addition to lobbying on members’ behalf, GBTA and the New England Chapter give members opportunities to get involved in issues that affect business travel.

See GBTA's Government Relations program website for detailed information.

Kerin McKinnon
Chairperson, Government Relations Committee (Interim)
GBTA - New England Chapter
402.399.4591[email protected]



What is NBTAPAC?

Business Travel PAC is the bipartisan GBTA USA political action committee or PAC. As the only federally recognized PAC representing the business travel industry, it gives the industry another voice in the political process.

Through Business Travel PAC, GBTA members educate and financially support members of Congress who understand the value of business travel and support pro business travel interests.

When government policies can make such a big difference in your lives – and the success of your employer and the business travel industry – participation in the political process is essential.

Whether or not you are politically “active”, there is no better way to support the candidates and the issues that impact your company’s travel needs. Your contribution, combined with the donations from your GBTA colleagues from across the U.S., will help ensure that GBTA has the power to back those members of Congress who show leadership and commitment to the business travel community’s issues. So let your voice be heard!

Donations may be made by GBTA New England Chapter MEMBERS ONLY. By clicking the link below you are certifying that you are a member in good standing in the GBTA New England Chapter.

To make a contribution, click here (GBTA - New England Chapter members only).

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