Scholarship Info

GBTA New England devotes the bulk of its resources to the education and professional skill development of our members. Understanding that corporate business travel is at the crossroads of change, GBTA New England believes that a complete and intimate knowledge of the travel industry is crucial to the success of our members.

Throughout the year, educational seminars are held on a wide variety of topics affecting business travel management; from new developments in technology to changes in local and national purchasing trends. GBTA New England offer its members scholarship opportunities each Spring and Fall.

Spring Application Season: Applications must be received by April 30th.

Spring scholarships are offered for:

    • Personal growth and development (up to $3,000)

    • One Direct Member GBTA Convention (up to $3,000)

    • One Allied Member GBTA Convention (up to $3,000)

Fall Application Season:  Applications must be received by October 31st

 Fall scholarships are offered for:

    • Personal growth and development for multiple recipients (up to $6,000).*

Scholarship Process

This process has been streamlined to provide a simple means of funding for continuing professional education to our members. Scholarships can be used for: 

- GBTA Academy education programs and workshops

- GBTA Webinars

- GTP Certification

- GBTA Leadership Summit

- GBTA Convention

- GBTA Sponsored Symposiums

- GLP Designation

- GBTA Legislative Summit

- Travel-related curriculum at an accredited university or college

- GBTA Local Chapter Day of Education (with GTP re-certification credits)


    • If an association member suggests an event not on the above list, the GBTA New England Board of Directors will evaluate the scholarship request.

    • When applying, please indicate your proposed budget so we may award as many scholarships as possible.

    • We have two scholarship application seasons:
      • Fall, due by October 31st
      • Spring, due by April 30th.
    • Once awarded, scholarship funds must be used within 18 months.  


For more information on the Terry Sullo Memorial Scholarship click here

Scholarship Feedback for the Association

To best promote continuing education events and the availability of scholarships, feedback from members communicated to the entire organization is important.  These events become relatable, attainable, and with positive feedback, can inspire people to apply and attend career-building events throughout the year. 

    • Each scholarship recipient must provide a written synopsis of the event they attended.  It can be as brief or as long as they wish but must include: 

    • Recipients can choose to either read their response at the next monthly meeting (preferred) or have it read by a board member.

    • These documents will be placed on the chapter website as testimonials. 

 *Members may apply for a maximum of $5,000 in scholarship funds during any 24-month period.