NEBTA devotes the bulk of our resources to the education and professional skill development of our members. Understanding that corporate business travel is at the crossroads of change, NEBTA believes that a complete and intimate knowledge of the travel industry is crucial to the success of our members.

Throughout the year, educational seminars are held on a wide variety of topics affecting business travel management; from new developments in technology to changes in local and national purchasing trends. Access to current information about such issues is made readily available.

Scholarship Opportunities

Congratulations to our 2013 Scholarship Recipients

Kelly Gagne, Global Manager, Travel Industry Sales, Omni Hotels & Resorts - $500 to attend the 2013 Legislative Summit in Washington, DC

Rick Como, Senior Global Account Executive, Colpitts World Travel - $1,000 to GLP Designation

Bev Allen, Manager, Global Accounts, HelmsBrisco – GBTA Direct Member Convention up to $3,000


Global Leadership Professional Program (GLP)
The GBTA Foundation, in partnership with The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, developed the Global Leadership Professional Program.  Like GBTA’s CCTE program – the only certification program available to corporate travel professionals – the GLP Program is the only master’s-level accredited course offered in the business travel industry.

The GLP Program is often best defined by travel professionals as the next logical step in their professional development after receiving the CCTE certification.  The program presents a broad overview of all major business disciplines and uses an interdisciplinary approach that addresses both the opportunities and the challenges of conducting business in today’s economic environment.  The GLP Program aims to provide individuals with the skills to: 

• Create value for corporations and customers alike 
• Inspire professional achievement in travel industry executives 
• Develop opportunities to analyze industry trends 
• Identify new solutions to emerging problems in a rapidly changing industry 

 Participants of the GLP Program are the beneficiaries of interchange with industry peers, as well as renowned Wharton School faculty.  The breadth and depth of the faculty expertise offers participants in the program an intensive insight into current business issues in leadership, finance, marketing, and management. 

The GBTA Foundation and the Wharton School provide a master’s-level Certificate of Professional Development to participants who successfully complete one 5-day session and three 2-day sessions within twenty-four months, including at least one session in three of the four main competencies. 

This certification from The Wharton School provides an indication of your commitment to continuing professional development.